If approved and depending on the amount of approval, up to the entire amount could be taken.  However, we often encourage structured or periodic takedowns.  This saves the borrower money and is a flexible option to those that prefer to budget loans over time.  There are no holdbacks.

No, the process is easy. Our online application submission is completely secure.  If you prefer, you may contact us directly and we would be happy to assist you. First time Applicants will need to provide general information, along with a Loan Request Form.  Repeat borrowers need only submit the Loan Request Form.

The quickest way is to ACH the funds directly into your account.  If you prefer, you could pick up a check at our Oak Brook office.  A third option is to have a check mailed directly to you.

Yes, your information will be treated with absolute discretion, confidentiality and privacy.  Oak Brook Bancorp will never sell your information to another vendor or third party.

Although you will still be responsible for the repayment of the loan, interest and fee, options for repayment would include:

  1. Payment Plan.
  2. Replacing current agreement with another agreement.

Regardless of the amount borrowed, there is a one-time fee of $150.00 plus 2.2% interest on the amount borrowed for every 30 days*.  Please see our interest calculator on the RATES PAGE or call for specific amounts.

We only run a soft credit check, which will not effect your credit score nor show up on your credit report for others to see.  Only you will see it.

The amount available to borrow would be approximately 50% or your portion of the expected Tenant Rep contract amount.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask below.